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Our Club Colors Are Maroon & White

     Below you will find pictures of our Fan club shirt
design and prices. To have a better look at the designs click on the design to see a an enlarged view.  All designs come with or without rhinestones so please specify when ordering.
Because we now have a free online section to our Fan
Club I will be adding a crown to the sleeves of our members who pay their annual membership dues. These members are our TCE member. You will find a picture of the crown below. Also I want to let the TCE members know the crown is part of the design on the front of the hoodie so I will not be adding a crown to the sleeves of the hoodies. Our free online members will be offered the same design but will not have the crown on it. If there is any questions or comments about the shirts or anything else please feel free to contact me. You will find the link below the designs to contact me.

When placing your order for your fan club shirts please send along the answers to the following.....

Name of shirt you want to order:
With or without rhinestones:
Shipped to you or pick up during Elvis Week:

When ordering the "Official Fan Club" shirt please let me know if you want it  in the ringer shirt or the basic white shirt.

Also please let me know if you will be picking you shirts up during Elvis Week or if you want me to mail them to you so I can plan accordingly. If I mail them to you there will be a small shipping fee.

This is our official Fan Club shirt

  Club Ringer Shirt Front
Ringer Shirt Design Ringer Shirt No rhinestones
Club Ringer Shirt Back
Ringer Shirt Design Back

     Size Small to 4XL is available in the ringer shirt pictured here. Or if you would prefer a plain white shirt I can do that too.

Ringer Shirt
No Rhinestones
Ringer Shirt
With Rhinestones
Small - XL -  $17.00 Small - XL -  $21.00
2XL - 3XL -  $19.00 2XL - 3XL -  $23.00
 4XL - $23.00  4XL -  $27.00
Basic White Shirt
No Rhinestones
Basic White Shirt
With Rhinestones
Small - XL -  $13.00 Small - XL -  $17.00
2XL & above -  $16.00

2XL & above -  $20.00

Club Hoodie Front with Crown
Hoodie Design Hoodie front
Club Hoodie Back
Hoodie back
No Rhinestones
With Rhinestones
Small - XL  -  $22.00 Small - XL  -  $27.00
2XL & above - $25.00 2XL & above - $30.00


Honor Guard Front
Honor Guard front
Honor Guard Back
Honor Guard back
White Shirt
No Rhinestones
White Shirt
With Rhinestones
Small - XL  -  $13.00 Small - XL  -  $17.00
2XL & above - $16.00 2XL & above - $20.00


Elvis Week 2013
Memorial Shirt Front
Elvis Week 2013
Memorial Shirt Back
White Shirt White Shirt
Small - XL  -  $13.00  
2XL & above - $16.00  

     There are no rhinestones offered on the Elvis Week 2013 Memorial design this year. I think it looks great without them.


The Crown To Be Added To Our TCE Member Shirts
Crown 1    Crown 2

You may send a check for shirts you order to the address below or pay for them by using Paypal to my business account at becky@rhinestonesandmore.net

If you are ordering shirts and you want me to send them to you please send me an email before you pay so I can add shipping charge to your order. If you are going to be going to be at Elvis Week I can bring your shirts with me which will save you on shipping cost. The deadline for ordering shirts is July 12th 2013. If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email at tcbforelvis@elvisfans.net.

Address for sending check:

Becky Scheffel
3235 Oak Borough Run
Fort Wayne IN 46804


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